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One of the primary ministries of First United Methodist Church of El Monte is PRAYER.

We welcome prayer requests form all over the world.

We also have a long tradition of crocheting or knitting and distributing Prayer Shawls.          

The purpose of a prayer shawl is to give someone who is suffering, a tangible example of the prayers that have been offered and an experience of God's love and care.

The shawl is made of soft yarn so the recipient can wrap up in it and feel God's Holy Spirit like arms around him or her. A prayer shawl is made with prayer. Those who crochet, pray before, during, and after they work on the shawl. Sometimes we know who we are making them for, and sometimes we don't, but we lift prayers for the recipient just the same.  Prior to the delivery of the shawl, the entire Worshipping congregation offers prayers for the receiver.

We welcome those who would like to participate in crocheting the shawls and those who are desire a shawl.

Please contact the Prayer Shawl Ministry through the Prayer Request Button on the left.  In the comment box, state your request specifically.

May the Lord continue to Bless you through serving and Thank You for your interest!